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Invictus FC Indoor - 7v7 Rules

Timetables will be enforced. Be sure to arrive early before games and plan timeouts accordingly.

Sideline Etiquette:  Only players and coaches at the benches

Respect: No disrespectful behavior or fighting allowed. Foul language or offensive gestures will be carded without hesitation.

Food & Drinks: No drinks or food on the field at any time. No gum is allowed in the facility. If you chew gum on the field, you will be sanctioned. Drinks must be left by the team bench, not behind the goals or in the netting.

Game Length and Ball Size:

       U8 - U9 (18 min halves – Size 3 ball)

       U10 - U12 (20 min halves – Size 4 ball)

       U13 and above (25 min halves – Size 5 ball)

Player Equipment: Players wear their team's uniform, consisting of the same colors, shin guards are required and must be covered by socks (the coach will be sanctioned for each violation) and firm ground/indoor soccer footwear. All Jewelry, electronic accessories, and other accessories are prohibited.  Hair-control devices and other adornments in or on the hair that are securely fastened to the head and do not present a risk of injury to the player, teammates or opponents are allowed. The Goalkeeper wears jersey colors distinguished from all other players and from the Referees. 

Number of Players:

  1. Style: 7v7 (one of whom shall be the goalkeeper)

  2. Minimum to start a match: 5

  3. Substitution Limit: None

  4. Substitution Method: “On The Fly” -all players but the goalkeeper enter and leave as they please as long as this is done at midfield and the player entering does not come on the field before the player leaving exits; goalkeeper substitutions can only be made when the ball is out of play and with a referee’s consent. (When subbing, players must quickly exit and enter the field from the doorway by their bench. If the subbing player contacts the ball while 8 or more players remain on the field for their team, a Penalty Kick will be awarded to the other team.)

Start of Match:

  • Rosters will be checked by game officials to verify player eligibility.
  • A minimum of 5 minutes will be provided for teams to warm up between games.  
  • Coin Toss followed by kickoff; opposing team must be outside the center circle or at least 5 yards from the opposing team is kicking off.
  • If a team cannot field the minimum number of players within 5 minutes of the specified start time, the game clock will be started.  At 15 minutes after the start of the game clock, the team will automatically forfeit the game.  

All FIFA Rules will be followed except for the following adjustments:

  1. No Offside

  2. Start and Stop of play: Referees will blow their whistle to call teams on and off the field to signal the start and stop of play. 

  3. Timeouts: Each team is allowed 1 timeout per game. Timeouts last 2 minutes.

  4. Corners & Goal Kicks: Red tape is used in the netting to illustrate the corner boundaries. White circles are below them illustrating the corner spot. Otherwise, all Corners and Goal Kicks are treated normally.

  5. 2 Point Rule: All goals scored from behind the red line count as 2 points instead of 1. 
    ***A ball that is deflected by any player other than the goal keeper will result in only 1 point.

  6. 3 Line Rule: If the ball crosses 3 lines without contacting a player or surface, it will result in a Direct Free Kick at the marked spot on the red line.

  7. Ceiling Rule: If the ball contacts the ceiling from a deliberate play, it will result in a Penalty Kick against the team who committed the violation.  Exceptions will be made, at the discretion of the official, for deflections off players and arena walls.
    ***Deflections Off Players: result in a drop ball at the location under the spot nearest to where the ball hit the ceiling.
    ***Deflections Off Keepers: result in a corner kick on the corner spot nearest to where the ball hit the ceiling.

  8. Out of Play: If the ball contacts the netting it is considered out of play and play will be resumed by a kick-in along the dotted line. All contact off barriers and glass is fair play.

  9. Ball Trapping: Players cannot maneuver the ball along a wall with their arms outstretched to block access to opponents, or trap the ball on the wall for an extended length of time (more than 3 seconds).

  10. Boarding: Any contact, legal or otherwise, by a player that forces an opponent into the glass/wall will result in the offending player being warned or cautioned (Yellow Card) at the discretion of the official. Any player who attempts to deceive the referee by falling or making contact with the glass/wall in an effort to gain an advantage shall also be penalized.

  11. Wall/Netting Advantage/Assist: Grabbing, Holding, or Lifting Oneself on the wall or net is strictly prohibited and can be Cautioned (Yellow Card) at the referee’s discretion.

  12. Live Ball Off Official: The ball is still considered in-play even if it rebounds off a referee when he/she is on the field of play.

  13. NO SLIDE TACKLES - All Slide Tackles = Caution: Automatic Yellow Card
    ***Sliding to keep a ball from going out of bounds, or to stop a ball that does not endanger another player is not a foul.  It will be up to the referee’s discretion as to whether or not a player’s participation from the ground is dangerous.
    ***Click this link for full explanation:

  1. Striking, attempting to strike, or spitting at an opponent - Sending-Off: Automatic Red Card
    ***Results in an automatic Suspension from the Next Game and Review of infraction pending further suspension.
    ***Fighting is not permitted and will not be tolerated!! Fighting will result in removal from the league. TEAM FIGHTING WILL RESULT IN REMOVAL FROM THE LEAGUE WITH NO REFUNDS!!
    ***Should any of your players and/or coaches participate as a field player and/or leave your players box during any altercation onto the field, the game will be immediately terminated, resulting in an immediate forfeit. 

  2. Yellow Card Accumulation Rule: When a player accumulates 3 yellow cards, that player will be suspended for the next league game.  Accumulation is based on player (not team or division), therefore, If the player is participating on more than one team or in more than one division this player will be suspended for the next game regardless of team or division when 3 yellow cards are accumulated. At the beginning of each season, the Yellow Card Count is set to zero.

  3. RED CARDS = serious offense and will be treated as such. Players receiving a Red Card must leave the player bench area and possibly the Expo based on severity of the incident/action. Any player receiving a red card will miss a MINIMUM of 1 game and potentially be suspended for additional games pending a referee report and league manager review. Red cards will be reported to the league, failure to give the correct name will result in the team’s removal from the league. Team leaders will be notified of the length of any red carded player’s suspension. TEAMS ALLOWING A SUSPENDED PLAYER TO PLAY IN ANY GAME, RUN THE RISK OF BEING REMOVED FROM THE LEAGUE WITHOUT REFUND. 

  4. Kicking the wall or slamming the door going in and/or out of the bench in dissent/anger, is unsporting behavior and a cautionable (Yellow Card).

General Information - as reminders

  1. Kickoffs: are indirect.

  2. Kick-ins: are indirect. 

  3. Goal Kicks: are indirect.

  1. Corner Kicks: are direct. The ball must be placed directly on the corner spot and the kick must be taken within 5 seconds.

  2. Free Kicks: may be indirect or direct in compliance with FIFA laws. 

  3. Penalty Kicks: are taken from the penalty spot.  Any foul inside the goalie arc area will result in a penalty kick.  All players other than the shooter and goalie must be behind the redline while a penalty kick is being taken.

  4. Distance: Opponents may not be closer than 15 feet (5 yards) to the ball during a restart.
    ***Click this link for full explanation:


Invictus FC Indoor - School League Rules
Only the differences normal Indoor League Rules will be listed below. If a rule isn't listed below, please reference the rules above.

Game Length and Ball Size:

       Kindergarten & First Grade (8 Minute Quarters – Size 3 ball) NO TIMEOUTS

       2nd Grade & Up (18 min halves – Size 3 ball) 

Number of Players:

  1. Kindergarten & First Grade: 5v5 (No goalkeepers)

  2. 2nd Grade & Up 7v7 (one of whom shall be the goalkeeper)

Out of Play:

  1. Kindergarten & First Grade: If the ball contacts the netting it is considered out of play and play will be resumed by a kick-in along the dotted line. All contact off barriers and glass is fair play. If the ball crosses the red line on either end of the field, it will result in either a corner or a goal kick depending on the who made contact with the ball last before it left play.




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