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Indoor Expo Rental Request Form

Indoor League Registration Form
Registration will open on September 1st

Team Size, Game Length, and Ball Size
All Age Groups (7v7)
U8 - U9 (18 min halves – Size 3 ball)
U10 - U12 (22 min halves – Size 4 ball)
U13 and above (25 min halves – Size 5 ball)

Expo House Rules
  1. No Offside
  2. Start and Stop of play - Referees will blow their whistle to call teams on and off the field to signal the start and stop of play. Timetables will be heavily enforced, so be sure to arrive early before games and plan timeouts accordingly.
  3. Timeouts: Each team is allowed 1 timeout per game. Timeouts last 2 minutes.
  4. Corners & Goal Kicks: Red tape is used in the netting to illustrate the corner boundaries. White circles are below them illustrating the corner spot. Otherwise, all Corners and Goal Kicks are treated normally.
  5. 2 Point Rule: All goals scored from behind the red line count as 2 points instead of 1.
  6. 3 Line Rule: If the ball crosses 3 lines without contacting a player or surface, it will result in a Direct Free Kick at the marked spot on the red line.
  7. Ceiling Rule: If the ball contacts the ceiling during play, it will result in a Penalty Kick against the team who committed the foul.
  8. Out of Play: If the ball contacts the netting it is considered out of play and play will be resumed by a kick-in along the dotted line. All contact off barriers and glass is fair play.
  9. Substitutions: Subs can be made freely at any time without stopping the play. When subbing, players must quickly exit and enter the field from the doorway by their bench. If the subbing player contacts the ball while 8 or more players remain on the field for their team, a Penalty Kick will be awarded to the other team.
  10. Sideline Etiquette: Only players and coaches at the benches
  11. Respect: No disrespectful behavior or fighting allowed. Foul language or offensive gestures will be carded without hesitation.
  12. Food & Drinks: No drinks or food on the field at any time. No gum is allowed in the facility. If you chew gum on the field, you will be carded. Drinks must be left by the team bench, not behind the goals or in the netting.

For more, please check US Indoor Soccer Rules or

Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.


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